How does Vilma teach?

Vilma leads us through yoga practice but she always conveys that we can set our own pace and make our own adjustments. In her class I feel comfortable selecting the body positions that are right for me in the moment. This empowers me. Vilma has taught me that I have the knowledge and wisdom to be my own guide and teacher. That is a wonderful feeling. But I always know that any questions or assistance is completely welcome and Vilma's explanations are always very clear. The atmosphere in each class is quiet and energizing at the same time. I always feel comfortable, totally accepted and "at home" in Vilma's yoga.

What do I get out of it?

I can never analyze it but after yoga I have much more energy yet I feel very relaxed. If I was "dragging" in the morning that feeling is gone after yoga. Again, I can't explain why that is because I just feel like I'm relaxing. Maybe it's that I stop "shadow boxing" with myself and just let go. It's true that my mind often brings up thoughts that are less than pleasant, but when I listen to Vilma's voice I can bring myself back to "being in my body." My daughter joins me in class, which is so special, and after yoga we always go out for a late lunch. I just feel happier after yoga. Yes, I truly do. - HELEN