Intuitive Yoga for the Female Spirit

be you - in yoga & beyond

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Be You - in Yoga & Beyond

Easy-going, meditative yoga experience for any woman who can't help but remain herself. Any time. Anywhere. No prior yoga study needed.


Yoga with Vilma is refreshingly unlike any other yoga class I have found.


Vilma encourages curiosity and gentle exploration; as a result I’ve became increasingly self-reliant.


Vilma brings the qualities of depth, simplicity, kindness, and awareness to each of her class.


Taking Vilma's class was my first step toward self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love; it has given me the opportunity to go within, to listen to my body and honestly accept what is.


If you havenʼt taken Vilma’s class, you donʼt know what relaxation can be.


Vilma's lovely accent, poetic guidance and soothing manner combine to work wonders.


Vilma is a highly skilled and compassionate yoga teacher. Her loving nature brings calm to her students.


Yoga with Vilma - a gift I give to myself.


Vilma's class is an hour and a half of pure relaxation. It helped me to slow down, to reduce anxiety and restlessness due to menopause.

Vilma leads us through yoga practice but she always conveys that we can set our own pace and make our own adjustments. In her class I feel comfortable selecting the body positions that are right for me in the moment. This empowers me. Vilma has taught me that I have the knowledge and wisdom to be my own guide and teacher. That is a wonderful feeling. But I always know that any questions or assistance is completely welcome and Vilma's explanations are always very clear. The atmosphere in each class is quiet and energizing at the same time. I always feel comfortable, totally accepted and "at home" in Vilma's yoga.